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Video game crates and barrels, the collection

As a lepidopterist is to butterflies, crates & barrels is to the familiar detritus that populates our alternate worlds. Who can forget the freight containers in Metal Gear Solid, the exploding barrels in Doom, or the crates in Half-Life 2 you're confronted with immediately. Valve's Gabe Newell said this was "the Old Man Murray equivalent of throwing yourself to the mercy of the court"?

Indeed, these mainstays have been with us from the very beginning. What does Donkey Kong throw at our old buddy Jumpman? That's right... barrels. We all have fond memories of hiding behind bulletproof, wooden crates or shooting radioactive, explosive barrels in the middle of a city. If you don't mind getting all weepy-eyed seeing your old buddies, head over and see what they've been up to. If you have any favorites, add them to the collection.

[Thanks, Wonderflex]

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