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World Cup? Super Bowl? Cheap prices? What is it?

Matt Burns

What are you waiting for? We talk about HD and you read it. Are you part of the statistic that states people take about 16 months to buy a TV? I know what it is: Sports. You simply need more stations with more high definition sports on it. That has to do it for you. 2006 is going to be loaded with sports programming. Check this out.

Early February, Detroit is going to host the Super Bowl and it is of course in high definition. Later that month the Olympics are set to take place in beautiful Italy. Question: do you think they will do a fly over of Detroit as they do during the Olympics to show off the hosting city/country?

We then roll into March and the Final Four where my Michigan Wolverines are going to stomp all over Todd W. Carters Michigan States Spartans. ESPN HD did a great job last year covering these games and I am sure that we will be able to see a lot more in HD thanks to ESPN2 HD.

Then we got the NBA Finals and NHL playoffs. My goodness. However, do not forget the granddaddy of all sporting events: The World Cup. I am sure that many of our HDTVs will be turned on to catch what it is all about. Who knows, you might even like this form of "football” better...Nah

Are you waiting to pick up a HD set for a sporting event? You do know that nothing says "party" like an HDTV?

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