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.Mac iDisks Now With 1TB/month Bandwidth

Damien Barrett

I might be unique in the Mac community in that I actually like Apple's .Mac. Yes, there are alternatives. Yes, you can roll your own. Yes, it's a bit expensive. However, it's on of the few tools that works the way I want it to. Synching my bookmarks, calendars, and contacts between multiple machines is essential to the way I work. And I like that my iDisk is available from virtually any computer I sit in front of. My single complaint with .Mac is the slow transfer/copy speeds of the iDisk.

Apple's also given all of us .Mac users a nice New Years Eve present. They've increased the bandwidth allowance on our .Mac accounts to 1TB per month.

I'm thinking this suggests new .Mac tools about to be released which involve storing and synchronizing video files (like those purchased from the iTunes store) between our computers. Also, a Mac mini-based media center device could easily tie into an iDisk for storage of files.

Another clue that a media center device is just around the corner? Perhaps...

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