WNC's GW1 dual mode GSM/WiFi phone

Taiwanese manufacturer Wistron NeWeb Corp. (WNC) is introducing a candybar GSM/WiFi dual mode phone at CES. Along with supporting and auto-switching between VOIP and traditional voice over GSM, the GW1 packs in a bit of IPTV, MP3 playback, web browsing and POP3 e-mail. The 176x220 screen is decently bright, but the phone cheaps on USB 1.1 and a slightly bulky build. If CDMA is more your style, WNC also has a CDMA version that packs in GPS. Not the most exciting offerings -- at least in the looks department -- but it's good to see a manufacturer that isn't beholden to a telco and can actually pack in the features people want. Now let's see if they can sell them, and for how much.