LG's 2.4-inch VGA subpixel rendering LCD

Yeah, you read that right: LG's got a subpixel rendering 500:1 contrast ratio LCD with a VGA resolution packed into 2.4-inches of screen real estate (which is a pretty astounding 330 pixels-per-inch). Sure, the whole subpixel rendering bit leaves us a slight but uneasy about the legitimacy of this display being properly VGA resolution, but if you peep the pics a little closer up you'll see that subpixel rendering or not, you just can't really fake that much visual information on-screen. From what we can tell LG wants to get this thing in products within 5 months -- which means we've all got less than a half a year to either train our eyes to read really, really freaking small text, or come to terms with going blind.

[Via Akihabara News]