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SiN Episodes Xbox 360 bound?

Ritual Entertainment, developers of the soon-to-be episodically distributed SiN Episodes, has revealed their interest in porting the title to the Xbox 360; after all, the two are a natural pairing. The Xbox Live service has the potential to be a disruptive technology, capable of undermining the retail channel by distributing games digitally right onto your console. The episodic nature of SiN Episodes demands this kind of distribution, and while Valve's Steam platform is capable of handling it on the PC side, it would appear Ritual is hoping Microsoft's Xbox Live service can do the same on the console side.

While there is great promise in this strategy, for Microsoft, developers, and consumers, there are limitations, not the least of which is storage requirements. The Xbox 360's hard drive is just not designed for massive game downloads. With just 13 gigs free, and the SiN package coming in at over 2 gigs on the PC, the option of purchasing games and leaving them on your console forever is simply not a possibility. Will they release larger hard drives or simply allow you to download games over again when you want them, swallowing the bandwidth cost?

[Via Joystiq]