Cell processor sticking around at least another 5 years

Ryan Block
R. Block|01.12.06

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Ryan Block
January 12, 2006 9:42 AM
Cell processor
smallerNot that it should come as any big surprise, but Sony, Toshiba, and IBM announced that they're extending their pact developing the Cell processor for another 5 years, what's obviously practically an eternity in chip-making terms. Apparently the triumvirate's got some ambitious goals to meet -- like hitting the fabled 30 nanometer mark -- and none of them seem to want to go it alone at this point in the game (understandably), perhaps especially Sony, who is probably banking on the Cell to power its PlayStations for generations to come. Still, Sony, Toshiba: right hand, meet left. That is, you've got to find at least a little irony in these two giants up in here, so ready to tear one anothers' throats out on one front (next gen optical -- i.e. HD DVD vs. Blu-ray -- and the hi def living room), yet are being so kissy kissy nice n' gentle on the other.
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