Did shortages force Apple to skip other Intel models?

They're still partying over at the Moscone, and Paul Otellini's probably still trying to get out of that clean-room spacesuit, but it's never too early to let loose with another round of Apple rumors, especially when they have to do with not-yet-released Intel models. Cult of Mac's Leander Kahney is claiming that, according to "an old friend, who is very highly placed in the Apple world," several Intel models were cut from the lineup due to a shortage of Core Duo chips. The source advised Kahney not to buy a MacBook Pro, and hinted that the dropped models were "much cooler" than even a 12-inch MacBook. So, will we see an Intel-based Mac mini media center? A Core Duo Mac tablet? Let the wild speculation begin! Let's just leave the lawyers out of it, mkay?

[Via TUAW]