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Fujitsu Siemens-Pocket LOOX roadmap: smartphones, GPS, VGA

Fujitsu Siemens-Pocket LOOX roadmap: smartphones, GPS, VGA
Marc Perton
Marc Perton|January 12, 2006 1:45 PM
After adding GPS to the Pocket LOOX 520, what do the gang at Fujitsu-Siemens have in store next (other than some long vacations fueled by lots of Munich-Tokyo flights)? Brighthand has a look at some upcoming models, courtesy of a "source familiar with this company's plans," and if the info is accurate, upcoming models should include VGA displays, smartphone capabilities and, at least in some of them, more GPS. The first new model out of the gate, the LOOX C550, will be the first with a full 640 x 480 VGA display, will have a 520 MHz processor, but will skip the bundled GPS (though you can always add it yourself via SDIO). GPS will make a return on the next model up, the C560, which will also be VGA and will bump the processor speed up to 624 MHz. Then there's the N100 which Brighthand calls "a small and light device oriented around navigation." But the one you might want to hold out for (if you happen to live somewhere where they actually sell the LOOX, that is) is the T800, a GSM smartphone, which will include WiFi, Bluetooth, dual cameras and GPS. Right now, all we're seeing of this is the mockup at the right, but that's enough to whet our appetites for sure.
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