Steve muses on the industry, Power Macs, and Microsoft MP3 players

It's not very often he runs his mouth publicly, but between the email he sent out about Dell and his sit down with Newsweek, Steve's definitely on a roll. He sipped tea while ruminating a bit on what's up with the industry, and had the following to say when asked about the new MacBook: "The form factors are perfect, we don’t know how to make them any better." Hm, ok, hubris needle rising slightly. And about the Osbourne effect setting in on G5-based systems like the Power Mac, "... if you’re a business, you’re thinking, '... I better get one of those quad PowerMacs [sic] while they’re still around.'" Alright then. And finally on the supposed lack of "iPod killers" at CES (looks like Newsweek forgot about the Gigabeat S), "What’s going to happen is that Microsoft is going to have to get into the hardware business of making MP3 players." Well, there you have it ladies and gentlemen, Steve Jobs officially predicted Microsoft's getting into the portable media hardware business. We'll check back with everyone on this in a year, sound good?