Lock that USB port to stop casual data theft

We've come across another USB lock, and unlike the half-baked USB Port Security Lock, which attempts to use your USB port as a substitute for a Kensington lock port, Lindy's USB Port goes after the simpler and more practical goal of securing the USB port itself. The device consists of two pieces: a lock that snaps into your port, and a key that you use to pull it out. The idea, of course, is that locking your USB ports will stop casual data theft, and we could see this coming in handy for, say, offices with lots of open cubicles or college data centers. Realistically, though, this probably provides only minimal protection, since you'll still be open to network-based attacks (not to mention CD-burner data theft) -- and we suspect that a brute force attempt to rip this out could totally trash your USB port, forcing fairly expensive repairs. Still, if you want to give it a try, you can get a pack of four in your choice of blue, green, pink, orange or white for just £14.99 ($26.45).

[Via the Red Ferret]