USB lock provides dubious security solution

Given that virtually all laptops have one of those standard (and not exactly secure) Kensington locking ports built in, we're not sure why someone would go to the trouble to replicate that functionality using one of the computer's USB ports. But that's the idea behind the USB Port Security Lock, which apparently latches onto the inside of your USB port when a key is turned. We suspect that this has got to cause at least some damage to the USB port, and we already know it can't be incredibly secure, so we assume that the real reason this is on the market is so that the developers can sell them to gullible customers who will then leave their laptops lying around, blithely unaware that they're not actually secure, while the manufacturer tracks them down, snaps the locks and scoops them up. Either that, or it's just a garden-variety scam.

[Via The Red Ferret]