Unicon System's MBridge: probably not the "key to a computer free life"

If you believe US-based Unicon Systems, then their Linux-based MBridge is more than just another handheld PMP, it's some type of revolutionary device and the "key to a complete computer free life." It features a 3.5-inch 320 x 240 TFT display capable of 262k colors, two USB 2.0 connectors, a USB On-The-Go, a SD slot, and a little 802.11b sprinkled in just for fun. The revolution, apparently, is the oodles of included software which they claim allows you to "chat in all messengers where you have an account," upload pictures to the likes of Shutterfly or MySpace "right off the camera," and use the MBridge as a data transfer device copying, browsing, and editing the files on your PSP, iPod, or digital camera "at any location, at any moment, in under a minute." They also claim to allow users to purchase music and download it direct to your MP3 player from "all major [on-line] music stores" yet fail to list iTunes -- we guess command of more than 70 percent of the US market share doesn't constitute "major" anymore. Look Unicon, we want to believe! But all this marketing hyperbole and the device mock-up makes us just a bit skeptical, mkay? Still, they claim the device will drop this October for $159.99.

[Via I4U News]