Palm Treo 800p coming March 15?

It’s no surprise to hear yet another rumor pop up about a new Palm OS based Treo. This time however, and of course we can’t confirm if it’s true, a regular forum jockey named “slinky” over at TreoCentral says the next Palm Treo will not be a, uh, “p” flavored700 – instead, Palm will be introducing an entirely new device dubbed the 800p on March 15... the ides of March, a day synonymous with abrupt change. See, slinky claims s/he saw a hush-hush hands-off demo of the “sleek and cool” device in a lobby bar (as these things generally go, right?) and says the new 800p throws down with “fast is an understatement” EV-DO and features 128MB RAM, a WiFi “option,” SD expansion, Bluetooth 2.0, an enhanced 320 x 320 display, a 3.2 megapixel camera, external antenna, and is both slimmer and slightly smaller than the current 650 yet still supports the same ol’ accessories. The looks are said to be “very slick” taking design queues from the Motorola Q and will hit the streets for less than $600. Unfortunately, there is no mention of which Palm OS will power the device or if Sprint will nab the exclusive rights this time around. Make of this what you will, but it does jibe a bit with what we’ve heard before about the Lowrider from Palm's ODM du jour, Inventec Appliance. Hey, we're just reportin' what we're hearing.

Update: Yup, it's a hoax afterall. Time for slinky to register a new user name and enter the federal forum relocation program.

[Thanks, Sammy]