Google working on alternate Internet, sez insider

So it seems that Google may actually have a plan for world domination after all, involving cheap PCs that connect exclusively to a private "Googlenet." The London Times is reporting that "a leading content provider" has been quoted as saying "We are in discussions with Google to provide content for their alternative Internet service, to be distributed through their Google Cube product. As far as I'm aware they have been conducting negotiations with a number of other players in our marketplace to provide quality content to their users." Whoa. If this information turns out to be accurate, it would help explain Google's MO in buying up so much "dark fiber," and may also jibe with the L.A. Times' January prediction (denied by the G) of a Wal-Mart-bound Google PC. We'll continue to bring you updates on this juicy story as it develops -- unless we jump ship and head over to Googlenet, in which case please visit us at