DIY DS: custom paint-job

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DIY DS: custom paint-job
DIY DS: custom paint-job

Jealous of the myriad different colors the DS is available in, while you're stuck with boring old silver? The introduction of the Nintendo DS lite is sure to find plenty of current DS owners evaluating the aesthetic value of their trusty, though humble, handhelds. Why bother with a stock, off the shelf variation when you can custom paint your own?

Flickr user inajamaica has undertaken the laborious task of dismantling and painting his DS, and was thoughtful enough to photograph the entire process and put it online. Many of the images have captions and info boxes, helping to decipher what's what. Everything looks great, but the final color is... uh, bright? Hopefully the set will be updated with the finished product.

[Via DS Fanboy]
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