Linux alpha for Second Life released

Last month we tantalised you with the news that a Linux client for Second Lifewas under development; the good news is that it's now available to download and install. As the Second Life website warns, this client connects to the main grid, so be careful--there are definitely still bugs in the system, and any changes you make to the world are permanent.

Our initial testing proved favourable; it installs and runs perfectly on our Fedora Core 3 box with NVidia binary graphics drivers. Although several features in the game client are missing or working poorly, they are known issues at this alpha stage, and the forums allow for discussion and feedback.

Linux is often overlooked as a gaming platform, as the number of users and their demographic makes investing in Linux games less of a priority for developers. However, games like A Tale in the Desert and now this port of Second Life are being welcomed in the Linux community--reboots for gaming won't be tolerated for much longer by Linux users if viable alternatives are coming to the platform natively.

[Via Jono Bacon]