RIAA sez no reselling preloaded iPods

So even though we've been good little boys and girls (well, for the last few years at least) and heeded the music industry's warning about downloading copyrighted tunes, according to the RIAA, we may still be in violation of the law every time we sell one of our old iPods without clearing the hard drive first. Now that DAPs have been around for several years, and Apple keeps tempting us with new models, the market for second-hand players is growing substantially, and folks are offering up their old units preloaded with gigs of music. While some lawyers contend that the law is a bit gray concerning this practice, the RIAA considers it piracy and has started working with eBay to warn sellers of the consequences they face. Luckily for us, the buyers of every 'Pod we've ever unloaded have pro-actively requested that the drives get wiped -- who knew that 60GB of Devo and Fugazi tracks would be so unpopular?

[Via iLounge]