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Which Windows Vista will you run? You have 8 choices.

Which Windows Vista will you run? You have 8 choices. image
Which Windows Vista will you run? You have 8 choices. image
Ryan Block
Ryan Block|February 19, 2006 5:26 PM
Windows Vista logo smallerWow, ok, Bill, since you're reading this and all, we've got to tell you a little something about product branding. Ever hear the adage "do one thing, do it well?" We think that be useful to remember about right now, because the consumer confusion the Windows Vista team is about to cause by offering up 8 different platters might be a little much. Here's the rundown for the rest of you:

Windows Starter 2007 - Vista without Aero, probably meant for developing nations.

Windows Vista Home Basic - Basic Windows Vista for your single PC fam, doesn't sound like much going on here. Analagous to XP Home.

Windows Vista Home Basic N - European version of the same, but without Media Player (because of antitrust rulings against MS in the EU).

Windows Vista Home Premium - This is the one we're all probably gonna own. It's got Media Center functionality, Cable Card support, the whole home-media shebang.

Windows Vista Business - Think of it as XP Pro, but Vista.

Windows Vista Business N - Think of it as XP Pro, but Vista, but Euro.

Windows Vista Enterprise - Business version of Vista with numerous enterprise features, like Virtual PC, volume encryption, etc.

Windows Vista Ultimate - Love that name. This one does all of the above (and more); what else do you need to know? It's ultimate Windows..

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