HDTV Game of the Week: Fight Night Round 3

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HDTV Game of the Week: Fight Night Round 3 image
HDTV Game of the Week: Fight Night Round 3 image

This is a game I've been waiting for since the impressive demo Sony used to advertise their PS3 at E3 last year, and EA's Fight Night Round 3 has not failed to impress. Every bone cracking punch, every drop of sweat and blood, almost every boxer you could ever want to fight is ready in glistening 720p. If you were waiting for the "next generation" feeling to hit you, put your gloves on and find your mouthguard because it is here.

We really can't say enough about the visuals of this game, except to assure you that what you see here in these screens is exactly the way the game looks, but missing the motion and impact that help them come across in real time. This game doesn't even require you to use a HUD to display the strength of each boxer, you can tell how the fight is going by how they move in the ring and their expression. Watching your opponents eyes widen as he realizes there's a haymaker coming with his name on it is beautiful.

Ali, Frazier, Jones Jr., Hopkins, Wright and many others are in the game and they look and move exactly like their real-life counterparts. Even more than the Madden 2006 screens we showed you, this game really takes advantage of HDTVs. This game is up there on the must-buy list for sure. I'd love to tell you more about it (or to have finished this post yesterday), but Winky Wright needs to be put in his place by Richard "The Undertaker" Lawler. (All screens from Xboxyde)

A few high definition trailers for your perusal:
No trailers or screens from the Playstation 3 again, although we continue to hear good things are coming at E3. Also, if you have a 360 you can download a 720p version of the Elder Scrolls: Oblivion trailer. As much has been said about being able to download high definition movies from XBLM downloading high definition games is much preferred, the Fight Night demo sold me immediately. Demos for The Outfit and GR:AW are also on deck.
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