Sony Esprit TAV-L1 keeps your Bravia under wraps

We still don't get the whole idea behind people wanting to hide their LCD or plasma sets. After all, if you're laying down a minimum of $2K for an HD, don't you want to show it off a little? But we have to admit, if we were to play a little hide-and-seek with our set, something like Sony's Espirit TAV-L1 is how we'd do it. The system takes a 32-inch Bravia LCD and hides it behind a form-fitting speaker grille, available in black or white. Even when it's covered, the set's slot-loading CD player works, so you can use it for audio. Then, with a flick of the remote, the grille slides down, revealing your LCD in all its glory. Needless to say, this bit of space-age bachelor-pad swankiness doesn't come cheap; the setup is expected to go for about $7,000 when it becomes available in May. We've done the math, and for that price, we'd rather get a 60-inch screen; if we need to hide it, we'll just have to throw a curtain over it.

[Via HD Beat]