Latest iPod video rumors: 4-inch display, Jobs scrambling for content

It was too good to be true. Just when we thought we might actually have a day free from Apple rumors (after all, doesn't Microsoft deserve to have the rumor mill to itself for at least a little while?), ThinkSecret has hit us with word that the "true" video iPod is still coming, and that it will have a 4-inch display, rather than the 3.5-inch one that was claimed in earlier rumors. ThinkSecret also reports that the video iPod is on target for a March or April release, pending content deals with studios (which we assume will come through, given that Steve Jobs basically owns Disney now). Of course, even if the video unit is delayed, we assume Stevie will still schedule another big press conference sometime in the next few weeks. After all, Apple has yet to announce the Intel-powered eMac and the pleather case for the shuffle.