VK Mobile goes crazy with seven new feature packed slim phones

In keeping with their usual "keep it slim" and "steal from Moto" phone design practices, VK Mobile is bringing out seven new GSM slim phones for CeBit, including the UMTS VK7000 (pictured). We've seen the music centric VK2010 before -- which includes 1GB of flash memory, Bluetooth, and little else -- but the rest are new to us, including the similarly specced VK2020, and the VK500 which adds a 1.3 megapixel camera to the mix. The VK200 nearly unabashedly steals its keypad from the SLVR, but things get more interesting with the 4 megapixel shooting VK2200 and of course the VK7000. This last one manages UMTS, dual cameras (1.3 megapixel and VGA), and a microMMC slot all in a 0.4-inch thick form -- and looks pretty sexy to boot. We tip our hats to you VK, and to your lawyers.