Celebs showered with tech gifts at the Oscars

That magical night known as the Academy Awards is upon us, where celebrities put aside their petty squabbles and come together in a self-serving show of star worship, and more importantly (for our purposes, at least), limited edition electronics that are shamelessly bandied about in hopes of becoming the next celeb gadget-du-jour. Besides the iced-out Kodak V570 and special edition PEBL that we showed you previously, PC Mag has discovered several other gadgety gifts that will be bestowed upon the presenters, winners, and even the losers at tonight's Oscars. Among the rest of the swanky gift bag items will be a Vonage VTech Broadband VoIP phone system, the ip8100, that will go to presenters, as well as Solar StyleOne solar chargers for those who show up in green rides ("I'm telling you, my Hummer is modified to run on biodiesel- now gimme my damn charger!"). Losers will take home a less-glitzy GPS car monitoring device from Drive Sync, which seems more functional than a statuette but less aesthetically pleasing in a trophy case.

[Thanks, Sammy]