Microsoft Alexandria?

Ryan Block
R. Block|03.07.06

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We're not even through the woods yet on Microsoft's Origami buzz campaign and now we're supposed to come under siege by a second, Microsoft Alexandria? Apparently a designer by the name of Issara Willenskomer did a promo video for Microsoft that was set to air during the Gates CES keynote (we don't know the year, however; was it 2005, 2006?), but was apparently pulled last minute -- yet at the time of this writing is still allowed to air online, lucky us / what a coincidence. The subject? Yet another mysterious Microsoft product called "Alexandria" -- "mysterious" because they won't show what the product is, just that it's something that apparently runs on handhelds and laptops alike and that nimbly gathers large crowds of disaffected youth and buttoned-down adults, alike. The video closes with "The future of entertainment / summer 2006," fade to black. Here we go again.

[Thanks, Alex]

Update: After a closer inspection of a much higher resolution version of the supposed-Origami pic from yesterday, we happened to notice an icon labeled Alexandria on the device's desktop. Given what's on screen and the "future of entertainment" bit, can we assume this might have something to do with same Windows Media Video subscription system used in Vongo, perhaps? Thanks, Jakob.
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