SnapStream's FireFly Mini PC remote released

Kevin C. Tofel
K. Tofel|03.08.06

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SnapStream's FireFly Mini PC remote released image
SnapStream's FireFly Mini PC remote released image
SnapStream FireFly Mini remoteLooking to control your PC with an infrared remote that's not the size of French baguette? Look no further because SnapStream Media just let their FireFly Mini remote out of the bag. We've had one of these in the HDBeat labs for our upcoming BeyondTV 4 review and we're quite impressed with the size and functionality of the remote. Compared to the XBox 360 Media Center remote the FireFly Mini is noticeably smaller; to the point where it could fit in a pocket. Don't try that with the Microsoft Media Center remote unless your pants pockets are a like a foot deep!

Shipping for the $29.95 remote starts today and the remote controls your PC, Beyond TV and even WMCE via the included USB-IR dongle. Read on for the full press release.

SnapStream Media Announces Launch of Firefly Mini PC Remote IR Remote Control Builds on Firefly PC Remote Technology in Smaller, Simpler Remote Control

March 8, 2006- SnapStream Media, Inc., a leader in digital home entertainment products, announced today the launch of the Firefly Mini PC Remote.  The Firefly Mini PC Remote features a small form factor and fewer buttons, infrared (IR) technology, driver-free installation, and seamless integration with SnapStream Media’s Beyond TV and Beyond Media.  Firefly Mini builds upon the popularity of SnapStream’s original PC remote control, Firefly.

Responding to customer demand for a PC remote control that employs infrared technology, SnapStream Media began shipping the Firefly Mini PC remote today.  The Firefly Mini’s use of infrared technology allows it to work with universal remotes and integrate with existing home theater systems.

The Firefly Mini PC remote features easy setup and fewer buttons, for a smaller and simpler PC remote control.  Driver-free installation allows the user to simply plug the USB PC remote receiver into his PC and instantly start using the remote.  As a standard Human Interface Device “HID”; most of Firefly Mini’s buttons trigger keyboard commands that will automatically work with many applications. 

The Firefly Mini PC remote works seamlessly with Beyond TV and Beyond Media, and will support many other media applications right out of the box, including Media Center Edition., and will soon be offered in a selection of online stores.

About SnapStream Media, Inc.

SnapStream Media, Inc. is a leading developer of digital entertainment products based in Houston , Texas . SnapStream Media's vision is to create high quality consumer entertainment experiences that leverage PC technology. The company's digital video recording (DVR) software, Beyond TV™ received PC Magazine's Product of the Year Award in December 2004. It was praised as "an idea whose time has come" by the Associated Press and declared "better than TiVo" by Maximum PC. Interested parties can find more information about SnapStream Media and its products at

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