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TiVo's new pricing includes box, drops lifetime plan

Marc Perton
Marc Perton|March 8, 2006 4:46 PM
As expected, TiVo has revised its pricing plans to include the purchase of the TiVo box as part of the monthly fee. New pricing schemes include a one-year plan at $19.95 per month, a two-year $18.95-per-month plan and a three-year $16.95 plan. All plans include an 80GB Series 2 TiVo box, and discounts are available for customers who pre-pay (i.e., a prepaid three-year plan is $469, vs. $610.20 on the monthly plan). TiVo had earlier experimented with a similar all-in-one plan at a somewhat lower price: the one-year plan was $16.95 per month, including a 40-hour TiVo box. TiVo has also quietly dropped its $299 lifetime service plan, though current users who signed up for that plan won't be affected.

[Via PVRWire]