Free Xbox Live Gold weekend back with free points

Dan Choi
D. Choi|03.10.06

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Free Xbox Live Gold weekend back with free points
Free Xbox Live Gold weekend back with free points

The free Xbox Live Gold weekend for 360 owners is back on track for the scheduled dates of March 31st-April 2nd. Sorry, U.S. residents only.

Verizon, the sponsor of the promo, will also be conducting some sort of Million Point Giveaway starting on the 30th, so check on their specialized site below for further details when the end of the month rolls around. Oh schnap, 500 free Microsoft Points (while supplies last)? Sign us up!

MS and Verizon are promising "great programming, contests, and surprises" for the transition into spring (say what--play Geometry Wars for a chance at some "cool prizes"?), so it sounds like stateside 360 owners are in for a real treat in just a few weeks. Free points and contests are great, but sponsored Live subscriptions (longer than a weekend) might even be better. Corporate sponsorship can be a good thing... sometimes.

[Thanks, Matt & SickNic; via Major Nelson]

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