Nacho Libre is all about the DS apparently

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David Hinkle
March 11, 2006 3:13 PM
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Nacho Libre is all about the DS apparently
Nacho Libre is all about the DS apparently

Jack Black, best known for his comedic and musical stylings as part of the duo Tenacious D, is currently filming his upcoming movie Nacho Libre in which he stars as, well...Nacho Libre, a priest who dons the luchadore mask in order to save an orphanage. Recently, a teaser trailer was released for the upcoming behind-the-scenes video diaries of said film, filmed by Jack Black, for Jack Black, which if the trailer is to be believed, will mostly be about Jack Black wearing ridiculous outfits and getting his chest waxed.

In the teaser trailer, we see a glimpse of Jack lounging in what appears to be the character's priest costume, holding a DS. Now it's no new thing for celebrities to be lavished with free hardware from the companies, but this time around it appears that Jack procured the DS himself and brought it along for the long months of rigorous film-making he no doubt has to endure. Besides, even if he was given the DS free from Nintendo, wouldn't he instead have been given a DS Lite?

Upcoming installments of Jack Black's behind the scenes diaries will be twice a week starting March 15th available through iTunes. Here's to hoping Jack throws down in some Mario Kart and provides a friend code in an upcoming installment. Slamming Wonderboy with a red shell? Sign us up!

Clicking on the Read link will automatically open the video in Windows Media Player.

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