Live from CeBIT: the WiDRIVE WiFi drive enclosure

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Thomas Ricker
March 13, 2006 9:42 AM
Live from CeBIT: the WiDRIVE WiFi drive enclosure

Feisty Singapore startup EDS Lab is showing off their WiDRIVE in a small booth tucked deep in the bowels of CeBIT. The WiDRIVE is an 802.11b/g WiFi drive enclosure for 1.8 and 2.5-inch drives. There are other wireless disk solutions available, but WiDRIVE claims theirs is the only portable solution (yeah, it has a rechargeable battery rated for 2-hours of continuous op) which provides direct access to disk from your laptop. In other words, if you're running XP then it looks just like a regular ol' disk drive -- hell, you can even boot your OS from it...or so says EDS Lab. We got a demo of the product running video off the WiDRIVE which er, worked. However, it lurched noticeably at times albeit in a convention center hall flooded with about 80 different WiFi networks. So that means it won't work in the Engadget mansion but it should work in your largely interference free living room without a hitch. Should. Still, they have a few months to work out the kinks since the WiDRIVE won't be turned-out proper until July for about $95 -- Europe first, and still you gotta pony up for the disk, son. More pics of the guts after the break.

It's all packed in -- no external antenna protruding from these enclosures.

Available in white or black as these things generally go.
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