NBC gears up for NFL and "Today" show in HD

Ben Drawbaugh
B. Drawbaugh|03.13.06

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Ben Drawbaugh
March 13th, 2006
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NBC gears up for NFL and "Today" show in HD image
NBC gears up for NFL and "Today" show in HD image
UniversalNBC will have it's first NFL games in quite a few years this fall and of course they will be delivered in HD. They also have plans this Fall to go HD with their morning news show "Today". Today will be the second network news show to go HD following Good Morning America last November.

NBC is preparing for all this additional HD coverage at this year's NAB conference. Among other things they are looking at HD clip servers for highlights, HD graphics systems and HD news-gathering technology. As well as looking for ways to utilize MPEG4 to make the most of their limited bandwidth. John Wallace, NBC Universal executive VP of television operations and production services says they are even looking for ways to use MPEG4 with the NBC television network. I am not sure they can do much considering MPEG4 isn't part of the ATSC spec, I supposed delivery to the affiliates is one option.
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