"Mass shipments" of PS3s & PSPs for Christmas

The ASUS winning

DigiTimes is reporting that "Asustek Computer has secured orders for Sony's PlayStation 3 (PS3) and PSP (PlayStation Portable) game consoles, with mass shipments slated for this Christmas season."

This would fall in line with expectations that the PS3 will be delayed to sometime this fall, and most likely closer to the end of this year, despite a company spokeperson from Asustek denying the rumor and knowledge of the report from the Economic Daily News.

Asus actually helped assemble PS2s in the past, so there's more than a little connection between the two companies. Hopefully more will become clear after Sony opens its upcoming PS3 event to analysts and the press tomorrow (which, due to the Asian time difference, will actually take place in just a few hours).

[Via Next Generation; image from the company's North American web site]