Wild industry statements to prepare you for tomorrow

Dan Choi
D. Choi|03.15.06

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Ken Kutaragi and his PS3
Ken Kutaragi and his PS3
Ken Kutaragi and his PS3In just a few short hours, Ken Kutaragi will take center stage at a Sony press event (previously open only to third-party licensees) and drop some details about the PS3.

As the only thing we're fairly sure of at this point is that the system will be delayed for a few months, we want everyone to be prepared for the massive spin and boisterous boasting that will surely ensue.

That's why it's important that you gird yourself for the worst by reading IGN's Top 10 list of the wildest statements made by industry veterans, 'cuz once you read everything that Ken and company have had to say in the past, nothing will seem all that outrageous in the future. We think... "Starting from next year, you can jack into The Matrix!" Before the PS2. Not as metaphysical as living Peter Moore's lucid dream, but still... wow.

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