XP on Mactel: The Movie

Marc Perton
M. Perton|03.15.06

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Marc Perton
March 15th, 2006
XP on Mactel: The Movie

The infamous narf2006 has made good on his earlier promise to provide a video of Windows XP booting on an Intel-based iMac. While the video looks fairly convincing, we'll continue to reserve judgment at least until Colin Nederkoorn hands narf a check. Speaking of which, Colin, sponsor of the XP on Mac contest that started this whole thing, had to switch hosts after yesterday's frenzy, and is now hosting only the contest page, rather than the forums where narf had earlier posted pics of his supposed XP solution. Colin expects to have narf's solution in by the end of the week for testing, so we should know pretty soon whether this is the Holy Grail or a just another tin cup.

Update: Narf has sent his solution to Colin for testing, so this does indeed seem real. Now let's see if it's reproducible!

Watch the video (7.7MB MOV)
Read about the contest

[Thanks, Rob and Joseph]
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