Analyzing the Morgan Stanley Apple analysis

Ryan Block
R. Block|03.20.06

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Analyzing the Morgan Stanley Apple analysis
So we got a hold of that Morgan Stanley Apple report from earlier, and we have to admit that it's not as revealing as one might hope. Yes, there are numerous -- almost uncountable, in fact -- mentions made of future iPods (including, of course, the "2nd gen video iPod"), and an interesting tidbit that we're once more seeing recycled about an Apple "iPhone with possible VMO model [that] could launch later this year." Not that any of this is surprising to us (or to anyone who's been following Apple on Engadget for the last, oh, two years) but we're getting appropriately bored with the "suspense." Apple: care to pull the trigger on these products already? We're getting a mite tired of the kind of mild iPod (with video) and Motorola (with iTunes) product toe-dipping you've been doing, eh?
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