First generation HD optical disc players won't allow copying

More bad news for consumers: PC World is reporting that the first generation of high definition optical disc players will not allow content to be copied or streamed to other discs or devices thanks to their implementation of the AACS interim standard -- with the "interim" part meaning that it lacks provisions for managed copy. So even though the content that you buy for your brand new Toshiba HD-A1 / HD-XA1 HD DVD or Pioneer Elite BDP-HD1 / Samsung BD-P1000 Blu-ray player (or players, if you're really hardcore) will work on future-gen machines, and media with the finalized AACS protection will likewise be backwards compatible with your device, early-adopters will be unable to do much more than enjoy all that HD goodness on stationary displays until both a hardware and software hack are in place, it would seem. Still, if you've gotta catch the great selection of movies available at launch, at least try scoring a replacement warranty for your first-gen player because you know how these types of products have a tendency to "break" at just about the same time that they're replaced with something better.

[Via eHomeUpgrade]