DVD Jon (briefly) on AACS

For those not paying extremely close attention to the ridiculous cloud of minutiae surrounding the two competing next-gen optical disc formats, HD DVD and Blu-ray, both formats have (over)duly and dutifully replaced DVD's aging copy "protection" technology, CSS, with a number of anti-piracy countermeasures, AACS being the most notable. So what does "DVD" Jon Johansen (the Scandi-man who cracked CSS) have to say about it?

AACS, like CSS, will be a success. Not at preventing piracy. That’s not the primary objective of any DRM system. Anyone who has read the CSS license agreement knows that the primary objective is to control the market for players. Don’t you just love when your DVD player tells you “This operation is prohibited” when you try to skip the intro?

True that, Jon. Oh, and did we mention he registered as his followup? Ya damn right he did (though there's nothing there yet, of course). Stay tuned, everybody, this could get interesting sooner than later.

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