Ben Heckendorn unveils his best portable 2600 yet

We're surprised that along with writing a book and producing, directing, and starring in his own movie, video game modder extraordinaire Ben Heckendorn still has time to hone the craft that made him famous. Although Heckendorn's latest build -- a slick-looking Atari 2600 portable -- definitely shows some signs of a busy man (unlike past projects, no step-by-step instructions or detailed photo gallery is offered), the professional and innovative design proves that his skillz have never been tighter. After having stuffed almost everyretroconsoleimaginable into a portable package, Heckendorn has returned to the Atari classic for at least the third time, improving upon older versions like the Phoenix 2600 in cartridge placement, screen size, and overall build quality. Another great job, Ben -- just don't get all Hollywood on us and forget the adoring fans who made you the star of page and screen that you are today. Keep reading for a little more modding madness...

[Thanks, Jeffler]