Ben Heckendorn's latest: the NES Micro

nes micro

Ben Heckendorn is at it again. The creator of the Portable PlayStation 2, N64p and Phoenix 2600, has created his smallest homebrew portable game console yet: the NES Micro. That's right. While Nintendo spins its wheels with the Game Boy Micro, Heckendorn has built a pocketable Nintendo Entertainment System capable of using cartridges created for the full-size console. The one-of-a-kind unit is just 5.25 x 2.625 x 1.625-inches, has a 2.5-inch LCD, runs off of 4 AA batteries, and even has a headphone jack. We have no idea what Ben's next project is, but we can't wait to see it (and, yes, we're secretly hoping for a portable Colecovision, just so we can actually use that old Zaxxon cart that's down in the basement).

[Via Joystiq]