Blink Twice debuts Tango! handheld communication device

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Paul Miller
March 26th, 2006
Blink Twice debuts Tango! handheld communication device
Here's a unique one. A company named Blink Twice is busting out an interesting new handheld device called Tango! which does the "AAC" thing (Augmentative and Alternative Communication -- new one on us) to help kids learn English, or for those that are hearing or speech impaired, allowing for the easy creation of sentences. You can use predetermined phrases by punching through a few sub-categories, or make your own with the device's intuitive interface. The Tango! also allows the creation of your own items; the built-in camera can capture a new image to serve as an icon, and then an adult can record the correct phrase for the item, even with a simulated child's voice. The device can expand its functionality via USB, CompactFlash, and SD, with the option to use a keyboard, or even work over a cellphone down the line. Sadly the unit runs for a steep $6899, but hopefully Blink Twice can get some quantity orders in and cut that down a bit.

[Via Axistive]
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