Numark announces iDJ2

With DJs almost as revered as professional writers these days, it's little surprise that the market for spinning equipment has exploded recently, or that iDJ manufacturer Numark is already back with an updated version of their original useful-but-flawed iPod mixer. iLounge is reporting that the iDJ2 will only require scratchers to use one 'Pod compared to the iDJ's two, from which it can not only play two songs simultaneously but also record your performance as well. Other niceties include an LCD screen for track-profiling and waveform display, scratch, pitch, loop, and cue controls, and USB and auxiliary inputs for hooking up nearly any audio source. We do know that this model will support MP3, OGG, and AAC tracks, but have no idea when it will be released, nor how much it will cost compared to its $250 predecessor.