Download Oblivion's horse armor, for a price

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James Ransom-Wiley
April 3, 2006 8:55 PM
Oblivion horse armor
Oblivion horse armor
Oblivion horse armorOblivion's infamous horse armor can now be downloaded and imported into your game. Why infamous, you ask? Because it's not free. To be clear, you won't be splurging from your Tamriel gold stockpile, no, you'll be using Microsoft (XBLM) Points (a.k.a. real money). Sure, no one's gonna be taking out a loan to cover the $2.50 expense (200 points), but you have to wonder why we're being charged for a measly game item, when in the past, a similar charge would have granted us access to an entire game map.

C'mon, if this download came with a side quest, then sure, we'd throw down some points. But, despite our ever-growing addiction to Oblivion, we're not itching to hand over additional cash for an item that was supposed to be included in the game's initial release. We realize that extra content takes work, and we're more than happy to compensate the developers and programmers that provide this post-release service, but only when we feel that it warrants compensation. So unfortunately, our (stolen) horses are gonna have to remain armor-less for the time being.
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