Grundig announces four new low-end CDMA phones

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Paul Miller
April 6th, 2006
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Grundig announces four new low-end CDMA phones
Nothing much exciting here, but Grundig is announcing four new CDMA phones -- two sliders, a candybar and a clamshell -- at CTIA this week. Starting in the lowest-endest we have the CD400 candybar, which measures 0.67-inches thick, and features a 128 x 128 color screen and VGA camera. Next up is the CD500, a 0.9-inch thick slider with a 1.3 megapixel camera and a 128 x 160 pixel screen. The CD601 flip phone keeps the simplicity going with a mere VGA camera and 128 x 160 pixel screen, though it does manage an external color screen. Grundig is capping off this yawn fest with the CD800 slider, which at least includes Bluetooth and a microSD slot, along with the throughly average 1.3 megapixel camera and a rather weak 128 x 160 pixel display. Thanks Grundig, but we think we'll pass.
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