BeLight announces winners of switcher contest

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Dave Caolo
April 11th, 2006
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BeLight announces winners of switcher contest
BeLight announces winners of switcher contest
As you may remember, BeLight software recently posed the question to the Mac faithful: How would you convince a PC user to switch? They held a contest to find the best answer, and today they've revealed the winners.

I thought the best advice came from Wesley D. Radcliffe, a contestant who said, "...Let them play. Sit your powerbook in your lap and use expose. Wait for them to ask how you're printing files, playing music, and using the internet at the same time, with not one cable touching it..." I recently had an opportunity to show off iMovie a bit, and after about 10 minutes I had sold a Mac to a long-time PC user. Another friend of mine (think of the most die-hard PC user you know) actually said the words "Macs are cool" after playing with a G5 iMac. The lesson: Never underestimate the power of the demo.
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