Samsung Q1 gets $1,200 price tag in Korea

We've seen the official price for the TabletKiosk eo ($900). Now another UMPC has gotten its first official price, and it's an even further cry from the original "about $500" price point once expected for these devices. The Korean version of the Samsung Q1, expected to go on sale next month, will go for close to W2 million, or roughly $2,000 W1,199,000 (about $1,250). Sure, the Korean version comes bundled with a DMB TV receiver, USB keyboard, auto adapter and other accessories, but considering that just about every phone, PMP or electric toothbrush sold in Korea seems to include DMB, and you can get a full-fledged tablet PC for well under $2,000, we really have to wonder who Samsung's targeting with this (other than, of course, the usual coterie of fans who will pick up anything promoted by a team of spokesmodels).

Update: As pointed out by several people, the Korean price will actually be W1,199,000 (about $1,250), not W2,000,000 (about $2,000), as reported. Not exactly a huge bargain, but certainly better than the price we originally reported. We've updated the headline and post above. Thanks to everyone who caught this.