Samsung's Tristar X828 6.9-mm thin champ

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Thomas Ricker
April 12, 2006 6:00 AM
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Samsung's Tristar X828 6.9-mm thin champ

Hey check-it fella, there’s a new slimster phone on the block kickin’ about by the name of X828, dig? At 6.9-milimeters (mostly, note that top-end bulge), this new unannounced Samsung shaves a full millimeter off KTF’s previous skinny champ, the EV-K100, which held the record for oh, about two weeks over that 8.8-mm VK 2000 fatty. Now, with those dimensions you’d expect it to skimp on the specs, right? Au contraire mon frere, the X828 still eeks-out a 1.9-inch 262k color screen, Bluetooth, MP3 player and 3D virtual surround capable speakers, 80MB of on-board memory, and a 2 megapixel shooter. At this rate of slimaturization, we expect to see a cellphone film we can slather across our palms by next year’s CES. Click-on for more pics after the break.

[Via TechTickerBlog, thanks Anish]

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