Battlestations: Midway lands on 360 this Fall

Ken Weeks
K. Weeks|04.25.06

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Think of the gaming industry's numerous World War II titles as a squadron of circling Zero fighters waiting to get blasted out of the sky by discriminating consumers. Eidos' recently announced entry, due this Fall, doesn't skimp on the Zeros and throws in some submarines for good measure.

"Battlestations: Midway offers players a refreshingly new and exciting gaming experience, whilst maintaining an incredible level of detail which recreates the intensity and atmosphere of the Pacific War. The ability to jump from a raging dogfight to the deck of a destroyer, with the crew frantically running about around you on deck, to the silence of a prowling submarine provides a unique and at times breathtaking experience. And, of course, watching your mate's aircraft carrier sink past your sub after a sneaky online torpedo attack is extremely satisfying!"

Call it Battlefield Too. I always wanted my own aircraft carrier.
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