EveR-1 is the new face of Korean robotics

If you thought Albert Hubo was the ultimate humanoid robot, wait until you get a look at EveR-1, a new bot making the rounds in Korea. According to reports, the 5-foot, 2-inch EveR-1 was designed to resemble a woman in her early 20s,and is capable of upper-body movement, can distinguish faces via its eye-mounted cameras, and can look into your eyes while conversing through perfectly synced lips. The bot's face can register simulated emotions, including happiness, anger and sadness, and its skin is made from a silicon gel designed to feel like human skin. She can't walk yet, but we imagine that's only a matter of time. If this is the new face of Korea's army ofnetworkeddomestic bots, they may just achieve their goal of a bot in every home sooner than we thought.

Thanks, HCM