Meet Jupiter, Korea's smiley robot overlord, er, domestic servant

Last time we checked out the prototype for Korea's planned robot-in-every-home initiative, the little fella didn't look like much; just a computer-rendered mockup with a big ol' smiley face to disarm suspicious robophobes. But the tiny terminator has come a long way in just a few short weeks. It now has a name -- Jupiter -- and there are photos of what looks to be an actual working prototype interacting with a human who foolishly thinks she's controlling it. Jupiter can reportedly emulate emotions, body language and do lots of other creepy stuff, including recite stories to the kids. It also comes equipped with a handy flip out LCD display, so it can double as an entertainment unit -- and boasts pointy appendages that we can only assume are used both as sensory devices and for defensive (and offensive) purposes. Jupe is able to plug itself in to recharge without help, and can respond to voice commands -- or pleas for mercy. As previously noted, the bot will get its marching orders wirelessly over the net. The invasion begins in October.