Big Brother producer launches reality show for UK mobiles

Evan Blass
E. Blass|05.08.06

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With consumers seemingly on the fence regarding mobile TV, it will be interesting to see how a new British reality show fares at selling two-minute daily episodes for 50 pence a pop. "Get Close To...," as the show is known, was developed by Big Brother creator Peter Bazalgette, and will feature content shot by members of the pop group Sugababes while they tour with singer Robbie Williams. In an attempt to make viewers feel more involved with the program (and come back the next day to pay for another installment), the Sugababes will solicit videotaped dance routines that fans can send in for possbile incorporation into the group's stage act, and some of the obligatory reality show "challenges" that the band has to complete will be chosen by the audience. The show, whose first episode airs this Friday, is being viewed as an experiment by co-owners Universal Music, UK carrier O2, and Big Brother-producer Endemol, who seem to be testing the waters for more pay-as-you-go serial programming.

[Via MocoNews]
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